Thursday, March 1, 2012

How to Remove Oil From Wallpaper

Grease spots appear to point up on wallpaper out of nowhere. Oil from fingers and food can give an inconvenient mark on your walls, and dirt and oil always look to end up kitchen walls after frying food or using the stove. Fixing this can be gentle if you have the good tools for the job. With a little time and patience, you can wave goodbye to those oil spots.

How to Remove Oil From Wallpaper

•Use the paper towel to apply a good amount of talcum powder to the dirt or oil spot on your wallpaper. Make sure to add a strong layer of powder to any spot.

•Wait about 19 minutes for the talcum powder to absorb the grease or oil on the wallpaper.

•Wipe away the powder with a paint brush. You must use a brush because putting any squeeze on the spot with a paper towel in your hand will promote the oil back onto the wall.

•Brush off the powder until all of it is removed. You may have to repeat these steps until the oil spot completely disappears--but if you use this method, the spot will eventually go away.

Things You'll Need :

•Paper towels
•Small container of talcum powder
•Small paint brush

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