Friday, February 17, 2012

How to Remove Grasscloth Wallpaper

Grass cloth is a fairly thick, textured type of wallpaper. This wallpaper was popular in the 70s and 80s and was much installed using wheat or clay based adhesives. This is good news for someone trying to remove the wallpaper since it means that the adhesive reacts strongly to moisture and this can be a great help when removing the paper. If the paper is painted over, you may need to scrape off some of the paint so that the solution can more easily dawn the wallpaper.

Grasscloth Wallpaper Removal

•Remove everything from the room since removing grass cloth is nice messy and wet solution and adhesive may be wrapped. Place a canvas type painter's drop cloth over the floor and put a heavy duty plastic sheeting over the top of the canvas.

•Place two ladders, one good each wall that is being stripped. This provides you to reduce your removal time by soaking one wall, while you are cleaning the other and moving back and forth between them, so you don't have to lost time by waiting for the solution to diffuse.

•Mix wallpaper removal solution with water and fill a garden sprayer and two spritz bottles. Each type of solution has a different ratio of solution to water so follow the directions on the bottle for the right ratio.

•Spray with the garden sprayer getting to the top of the wall. Make from the top to bottom so that you don't have parts falling onto you as you work. Allow the solution to riddle the paper and spray the second wall along the top. Give to the first wall and scrape with a 4 inch wallpaper scraper. If the wallpaper isn't wet enough, spray with the spritzer until you identify the right wetness for best removal.

•Dry scratch along seams for wallpaper that has paint on it. Commonly minor scraping will be enough for access to the paper and the solution will wick along the paper so you don't have to slip off all of the paint. Try not to gouge the walls while scraping.

Things You'll Need

•Painter's cloth
•Plastic sheeting
•2 ladders
•Garden sprayer
•Wallpaper removal solution
•4 inch wallpaper scraper

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