Monday, February 13, 2012

How to Remove Wallpaper Glue

Taking Away wallpaper glue is good. It's sloppy and time consuming, but it's easy to do. Simply work on one small area, or wall, at a time. Today that you've removed your old wallpaper, what do you do about that glue that's still on the wall? Find out how to remove wallpaper glue here and your room will treasure the extra care and attention when you paint it or re-wallpaper it again.

Steps on How to Remove Wallpaper Glue

•Cover the floor in the area that you'll be running with plastic or with old towels. You could level use both to allow the maximum protection for the floor that's beneath the area you'll be working in. Plan to have a few towels around that you can grab to clean up with if you accidentally spill water on the carpet or floor.

•First get a bucket and fill it with warm to hot water. The water will cool quickly, so make it as hot as your hands can stand, but don't ignite yourself!

•Stream a tablespoon of liquid dish-washing detergent into the bucket. The soap from the detergent will actually help loosen the glue that's adhered to the wall.

•Using a sponge, scrub and wash the walls just similar you were doing the peaches.

•If the glue is truly stuck to the wall, use a serious duty scrub brush, something like the one pictured in this photo, and scrub your walls. Also, make sure the H2O is still hot. As the water cools down, you'll need to fill it with fresh, hot water for the greatest results.

•After scrubbing your walls, empty the bucket of soapy water and refill it with fresh, clean water.

•Catch a light washcloth or sponge and lightly wash your walls again. This washing job is much easier than the first because you're only removing the soapy water from the walls. If the water gets too soapy, dump it out and fill the bucket with fresh water again.

Things You'll Need

•Warm water
•Dish soap
•Bath sponge
•Metal sponge for those very bad areas
•Plastic covering or towels

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